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Caps Extinguish Flames in Alberta

Nick Colletti

Sports Blogger, WGMU

Monday October 31, 2016

caps-flamesAfter a thrilling and close victory over the Vancouver Canucks Saturday evening, the Capitals head to the SaddleDome to duel with the Calgary Flames. The Flames, with exciting young talent such as Johnny Gudreau  (whom they expect will be there Lanny McDonald of this generation) skated on home ice looking for two points against their Eastern Conference powerhouse opponents. The game would begin going south for the home team minutes into the contest.

Brett Connolly would score his first goal as a Capital, off a persistent effort to gain control of the puck behind the net by Jay Beagle, who fed the puck right in Connolly’s wheelhouse and buried it thunderously past Brian Elliot. The Capitals would get on the scoring board again after a brilliant pass from Alex Ovechkin was deflected by Marcus Johansson in the slot. This quick two-goal strike quieted the Calgary faithful and gave Washington the coveted momentum every road team reaches to achieve game-in and game-out.

The SaddleDome would get louder however after Mikael Backlund wristed the puck past Braden Holtby and cut the Capitals lead in half. The Caps protested immediately that defenseman Nate Schmidt was interfered with, leading to the scoring lane that made the Flames’ goal easier to capture. The vehement protests would be in vain as the play wasn’t reviewable and the goal would stand. The first period would end with the Capitals still in the lead by one. The second period would be scoreless despite the Flames having two power plays that challenged the Caps penalty killing unit.

The Calgary Flames turned up the pressure in the third and possessed the puck longer than the Capitals. Offensive zone time favored the Flames but the Capitals defense stood tall in front of Braden Holtby and allowed only three shots in the third period, all coming from the point. Passing lanes were clogged and the Flames had to resort to weak shots outside of prime scoring spots with little hope of reaching the net. The effective Capitals defense resulted in a well-deserved two points on the road by the boys in white. In the last two games, the Caps have not trailed at any point and have won two out of their last three games on this challenging western Canada road trip. The Capitals will roll into Winnipeg this Tuesday before heading to the Red House for a three-game home stand, where they are awaited by their passionate and beloved fans. One can only hope this momentum can continue as the regular season stretches on into April.


Lit&Local: VA Rapper Wolfe, “Hip-Hop Head” & Future Headliner

10632690_1137001766333163_6528575076441966409_nFrom Chesapeake, Virginia, Kevin Wolfe is a Virginia Wesleyan graduate pursuing his passion as a rapper and a “hip-hop head”. Having opened for artists like Juicy J, Wu Tang, and Trey Songz, his experience as a rapper and entrepreneur has grown extensively. His lyricism is built upon his gained knowledge as a political science junkie and everyday transcendentalist. His latest album, Wonderland LP (2016), is a mélange of Top 40 beats meeting low-key, philosophical lyricism that roots back to the beginning of meaningful rap. His LP is one of the many pieces of work created by Wolfe, and is a small part of his developing music collection rich in nature and experimental in demeanor. A representation of his aptitude, a reflection of his written life story, Wolfe’s work connects the divide between modern music and classic, expressive poetry that live to tell his tale.

Listen to the below audio clips to hear about Wolfe’s work, facilitated by Local Music Director Jackie Reed:

Live On-Air Interview:

Freestyle #1:

Freestyle #2 & Conclusion:



Facebook/YouTube: /

Twitter/Instagram: @WolfeVA757 / @WolfeVA757


New Season Begins With the Same Old Problems for the WizKids

Anthony Fennell

Sports Blogger, WGMU

Friday October 28, 2016

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As the Washington Wizards opened the 2016-17 season there were high hopes that a new coach, system and culture would produce better results from the jump, however that wasn’t the case. A season that started with a road trip to Atlanta to face their southeast division foes started strong but ended rather poorly. When the team needed to deliver most they fell into some of their old ways that plagued them seemingly all of last year.

While John Wall and Bradley Beal the “house of guards,” produced below average performances due to both poor shooting and foul trouble, the team still found themselves well within the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Having a lead at one point the in the 4th, the game appeared to be headed down to the wire. However, a poor overall defensive effort, lack of focus, and lack of desire turned a one-point lead into a 15-point deficit quickly.

Careless passes and mistakes with the basketball, led to an array of wide open transition baskets for the Hawks. Tim Hardaway Jr, a surprise star of the night was left wide open on many occasions due to a lack of desire and effort on the defensive end which was ultimately the dagger of the night for the Wizards.

Of Hardaway’s 21-point night, 12 of them were scored in the fourth quarter, including back-to-back three pointers at one point that helped them pull away. Paul Millsap had a game high 28 points, while Dwight Howard had 11 of his own in his Atlanta debut. Markieff Morris led all Wizards scorers with a game high 22 points but it seemingly wasn’t enough.

When it is all said and done this game was lost in the fourth quarter. After the game Bradley Beal stated that, “We got a lot of good looks. Some went down, some didn’t.” ”But at the end of the day, we can’t control our offense. We can control our defense and our effort. We just gave up the last quarter and a half.”

The Wizards look for better luck on Sunday as they travel to face a pretty good Memphis Grizzles team who has started their season 1-0. The hope is that the team will get things back on track focusing on the defensive end first.

The NBA Season Kicked Off With the Cavs Celebrating

Anthony Fennell

Sports Blogger, WGMU

Thursday October 27, 2016

lebron-vs-knicksAs the NBA season kicked off , excitement filled the air with both a championship ring ceremony taking place, as well as some new faces in new places. The season opened up with the 2015-16 champion Cleveland Cavilers still in championship mode as they absolutely dominated the new look New York Knicks.

The Cavs begin the night reflecting and celebrating their championship run by receiving their rings and raising that coveted championship banner in Quicken Loans Arena. The Cavs however, didn’t just celebrate their accomplishments from last year but they also celebrated their dominance on the court, Tuesday night. With LeBron James demonstrating why he is still the best player in the NBA made this game no contest.

Producing a magnificent stat-line of 19 points, 11 assists and 14 rebounds, James dropped his first ever opening night triple double. With LeBron in full force the rest of the Cavs were on a mission as well to show the league that their championship run last year was no fluke. The big three of LeBron, Kyrie and Kevin Love had a total of 71 of the Cavs 117 points, with Kyrie and K-Love dropping 29 and 23 points respectively.

While Cleveland ran up and down the floor producing highlight reel plays, excellent ball movement and pretty efficient shooting numbers, the New York Knicks were seemingly the opposite. Carmelo dropped only 19 points while Porzingis and D-Rose added 16 and 17 points. While Rose wasn’t great he did a lot better than the three remaining newcomers the Knicks brought in over the summer to change the dynamic of a disappointing team last year.

Newcomers Courtney Lee, Joakim Noah and Brandon Jennings combined for a dismal 7 points. All 7 however, came from Brandon Jennings himself. While the season is young, it is unacceptable for starters such as Courtney Lee and Joakim Noah to contribute merely nothing on the offensive or defensive end.

With it only being one game, things appear to be heading in the same direction. Cleveland seems to be destined for greatness yet again, while the New York Knicks have a lot of growing they must do.


Capitals Fall Flat In Edmonton

Nick Colletti

Sports Blogger, WGMU

Thursday October 27, 2016

26 October 2016: Goaltender Brayden Holtby #70 of the Washington Capitals in action during the Washington Capitals game versus the Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta. (Photo by Curtis Comeau/Icon Sportswire)

The Washington Capitals kickstarted a western Canada road trip with a Wednesday showdown in the Oilers new and refined barn that is being hailed as the best venue in the NHL. The Oilers, full of exciting young talent and future superstar Connor McDavid, were determined to show the NHL and its followers that their team was the real deal by defeating a powerhouse Capitals team. After a continent spanning plane flight, the Capitals set out to begin this demanding road trip with a victory on enemy ice.

Edmonton would light the lamp first putting added pressure on the Capitals offense to develop scoring opportunities. Alex Ovechkin would answer right back with a five-hole goal passed former Rangers’ goaltender Cam Talbot. Momentum seemed to have been in Washington’s favor until Benoit Pouliot banked the puck off of Braden Holtby’s numbers, sucking away all the energy the Capitals bench had and now found themselves playing catch-up once again. There effort however would be in vain as the Oilers offense would shine with goals by Patrick Maroon and Milan Lucic netting the twine and igniting the Edmonton crowd’s jubilance.

The Capitals have suffered consecutive regulation losses for the first time since March 11-13, 2015. The Vancouver Canucks await at Rogers Arena in what will be a critical game for the road squad. The season is still very young which makes it that much more important to get as many points as possible so playing catch-up will not have to be a rigorous option. A win against Vancouver will breed confidence in the locker room and bring some sense of relief for the players and the organization of a franchise that is pressured to do excel this spring.

Distinguished Communicators Headline in Political & Policy Forum

By: Jacqueline Reed | Edited By: Nicholas Reynoso | Photo Credits: Mimi Albano


Former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley and Co-Creator of Showtime’s The Circus Mark McKinnon were two of the many speakers featured in the Political & Policy Communication Forum, Tuesday, October 25, 2016, in Dewberry Hall in the Johnson Center. Sponsored by The Insight Committee of The Department of Communication, the forum encompassed the “impact, ethics, and the art of persuasion” regarding the ultimate, most notorious topic that is constantly in the news these days: the future President of the United States (POTUS), the race between republican candidate Donald Trump, democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and other third party candidates like Jill Stein (other candidates in the discussion were not mentioned).

The purpose of the forum was to bring up the emerging conversation about the credibility of presidential candidates, the voters that are being gratified by false information, and the possible initiatives voters could take to govern the rights and wrongs of their decision-making, in regards to the upcoming polls. The interactive forum provided future communicators with the necessary tools that will lead them in the right direction and away from the current system of political discourse.

img_8465aProfessionals and students were welcomed by GMU President Ángel Cabrera, Deborah Boehm-Davis, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and S. David Wu, Provost & Executive Vice President at GMU. Martin O’Malley opened with his keynote address, restating his persistent mantra to “be fearless”. He advised listeners to make the most out of their relationships and to feel propelled in their passions. Throughout his political career, from serving as the Mayor of Baltimore to the Governor of Maryland, his services could not have been pursued without taking risks, having the willingness to change and adjust, and maintaining a continuous belief to believe.

The former mayor emphasized the “Believe” campaign in order to repair a broken divide between the people, and reinforce a safe and clarified conversation between the police and its city. A profound and an educated orator, O’Malley’s performance was insightful and passionate, delivering its message in a way that acknowledged the need to address the faults, “the cynicism…the doubt… the belief” that we see in our communities, instead of relying on personal ignorance. He stated that, “people bored of politics, though fashionable, should not belong in democracy”. O’Malley stressed the importance of educating oneself, being open, and being a part of the larger conversation. His career advice, “we have to acknowledge where we are in order to know where we’re going”, leaves listeners on a passionate cliff-hanger, asking future professionals for the transparency, the honesty, and the open-minded approaches that will benefit people and their skills as entrepreneurs.

img_8978aAfter O’Malley’s speech was the panel discussion, featuring a diversified circle of political media professionals who specialize in communication in all realms. Michael Shear, White House Correspondent for New York Times, moderated the conversation.

With Martin O’Malley sitting in, the panel included:

Torie Clarke, Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs for SAP; Linda Qiu, Staff Writer of PolitiFact; Emily Vraga, Ph.D. Political Communication Scholar at George Mason University; Arzu Tunaça Tarimcilar, Board of Directors at GAMA Holding; Closing Keynote Speaker, Mark McKinnon, co-founder of No Labels and co-creator of Showtime’s The Circus

The key points the panel mentioned about the POTUS race, and the persuasive nature of candidates:

  1. Falsified information, the importance of fact-checking
  2. Global views, significance of the 2016 POTUS race on a global scale
  3. Aristotle’s philosophy of persuasion: ethos, pathos, logos
  4. Maintaining objectivity in professional writings
  5. Future elections in a technologically advanced and consumer-driven society
  6. Advice for future policy communicators – structure policy under the people, not under the economy (O’Malley), admit mistakes and be an information-seeker (Clarke), communicate with common ground (Qiu), be honest and have clear foreign relations (Tarimcilar), be willing to reach out to non-traditional channels (Vraga), and build credibility by admitting flaws and being authentic (McKinnon)

img_8560aFollowing the panel discussion was Mark McKinnon, the closing keynote speaker who left the audience with inspiring takeaways that reflected his experiences in his relationships and career. McKinnon first pointed out that he is a lucky man. He said, “we’re living in an amazing time”, a time rich of diversity, policy, culture, and conversations that we would have not been able to have in the past. Admiring his uncle’s philosophy, “if it’s comfortable, it’s wrong”, McKinnon’s advice is reminiscent of O’Malley’s mantra of risk-taking, a repeated offer for audience members to be self-confident, to assure mistakes, and to fulfill life in its full capacity. With his experience as a previous musician, a chief media advisor, and now a co-founder of No Labels and co-creator of The Circus, his career path would not have succeeded without taking risks. Two memorable takeaways were: “Don’t destroy relationships over ambition” and “Appreciate everyday”. His closing remarks ended the forum with a humble sendoff, and a sense that anyone has the potential to influence others using open communication.

After the closing speaker was the Speed Mentoring Activity, which was facilitated by Angie Goff, Anchor and Reporter at NBC4. Featured professionals (not including those of the panel discussion, also involved) of the Speed Mentoring:

Chris Brewster, Special Counsel at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP; Carolyn Cuppernull, Director of Sales and Business Development at XTAR LLC; Chris Colford, Communications Officer at The World Bank; Patrick Fn’Piere, Founder and President of The Public Management Group; Tom Hoog, Vice Chairman at Hill+Knowlton Strategies; Jim Moorhead, Managing Director and Consultant at Burson-Marsteller; Logan Rice, GMU Alumni (2016), Public Relations Representative at Northrop Grumman; Mark Root, Media Relations Director at Northrop Grumman; Tara Ruszkowski, Founder and Principal at Ruszkoswki & Associates; Rebecca Morgan, Senior Director of Media Relations and Advocacy at NAFSA; Danny Selnick, Senior Vice President at Business Wire; Chad Tragakis, Strategic Communications Consultant; Michael Dickerson, Public Relations Professor at GMU

This gave students the opportunity to ask questions of communication professionals and panelists about anything regarding messages, careers, internships, etc. Overall, the forum was an influx of politics, fact-checking, media accountability and clarity, and profound discussion that can possibly change the paradigms of future media channels.

More about the Insight Committee:

Department of Communication, GMU:

O’Malley’s “Believe” Campaign:

McKinnon’s The Circus:

Office of Student Media, featuring a full gallery of the forum:

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The Plugs w/ Palmer Alexander III, Dir. of N The Zone Network

img_0193Palmer Alexander III (@thelegendkil) was formally a sports writer for the St. Louis American, which in 2012 became the single largest weekly newspaper in the entire state of Missouri. Currently, Palmer devotes his time as the Executive Director of the ‘N The Zone Network’ (Twitter: @NTheZoneShow @NTZNetwork), which is among the best sports pod-casting networks in the country. We caught up with Palmer to update us about N The Zone. We also asked Palmer how he feels about a similarly suffering sports fans base to St. Louis, in Cleveland, Ohio, which seems to have turned its fortunes around with the Cavaliers winning their first championship last year, and the Indians being in the 2016 World Series.






Best of The Nice Guys: Trick or Treating

nice-guysCory went trick or treating one time in high school. Matt expressed his strong disdain for Cory’s actions. An argument ensues…

Is it OK to go trick or treating in high school? Let us know what you think @WGMU on Twitter.

Be sure to tune in to the Nice Guys every Wednesday evening from 5:30-6:30 for more like this!






The Plugs Interview w/ Al Galdi, ESPN980

img_0171Al Galdi (Twitter: @AlGaldi) is the radio host of “The Morning Blitz” which airs weekday mornings from 5am-7am ET on ESPN 980. We caught up with Al to talk about the Redskins winning their 4th straight game after starting the season 0-2. We recapped the Redskins 27-20 victory over the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday. We talked about the Redskins offense, if RB Matt Jones can continue his pace, how crucial the Jordan Reed injury is, and the if the Redskins are legitimate playoff contenders. Al Galdi made a BOLD STATEMENT at the end of our interview. Listen in to check it out! You will not be disappointed!







Caps Squander The Avs After Braden Holtby Celebration

Nick Colletti 

Sports Blogger, WGMU

Thursday October 19, 2016

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Braden Holtby, who was suited up as the backup goalie for the evening, was celebrated for his previous remarkable Vezina-winning season a season ago. Holtby, who tied Martin Brodeur’s record of 48 wins in a season, was praised alongside Capitals owner Ted Leonsis and his wife and two children. The hallowed Vezina trophy was in the Verizon Center as Holtby’s teammates and the Washington faithful paid their respects to a goalie enshrined in hockey history forever.

The visiting Avalanche, whom just won an overtime thriller against the defending Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh, were playing a rigorous back-to-back schedule that pitted them against Washington the following night. Another sold-out crowd in the Red House were ready to welcome the Colorado squad into a hostile arena, driven to not spoil Holtby’s award ceremony. The fans would get exactly what they wished for.

A 3-0 shutout by goaltender Philip Grubauer gave the Capitals an impressive two points maintaining there at least a point per game streak. But it was a hit by Dmitri Orlov on Matt Duchene that will be the game’s most memorable moment. A devastating open ice hip check that caused Duchene to flip in the air and land on the ice with a thunderous crash. This vintage old time hockey collision percolated the crowd and gave the Capitals all the energy they needed to seal this win in the books and head to face the Panthers in Sunrise with confident momentum.

Another riveting slap shot from Ovechkin ended the Capitals power play drought by a goal we have seen hundreds of times from the Great 8. Oshie nailed one past former Caps goaltender Semyon Varlamov in the slot to add another power play goal to the scoreboard. Oshie would later clinch his second of the night by netting the insurance goal that squandered the Avalanche and defeated any chance of a comeback. Perhaps back in the 90’s with Avs greats like Joe Sackic and Peter Forsberg on the roster Colorado could have beat two great teams on back-to-back nights. But in the present era, even with a promising young team full of exciting talent, Colorado stood little chance of winning on enemy ice in consecutive games. The Capitals will have their fair share of back-to-back campaigns, 16 to be exact, and the adversity associated with those match ups can wear on any team. With a convincing win over these tired Avs, Caps fans should be excited for yet another promising season to resume and hopefully this year till mid June.


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